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You are welcome to read some of the testimonials we have received from our clients.


Sovereign Ancestry have done a fine job tracing my family tree on my mother’s side; we have got back to 1742 on one line and 1770 on the other. There have been complexities on each line so this is quite a feat, since it only took about 7 sessions, and during those sessions we managed to also check things like wills and the local town book, so I feel I have had excellent value for money.

My queries were always answered and when I discovered I had made a mistake on the later pedigree and needed a rapid amendment 2 days before I was due to give them to my mother for her birthday, Sovereign managed to amend the charts, get them reprinted and sent in time.

Duncan, who was my main contact, has also done his own trees, and I got the impression genealogy is not just a business for him. When funds permit, I’ll use Sovereign to complete my mother’s line and investigate my father’s line as well. GW. UK. [21436]

I’ve been using Sovereign Ancestry for over 10 years now and won't use another professional researcher.

Duncan Bray, Research Director, has co-ordinated research in Poland and Germany with more success than anyone else has had.

Sovereign have also done research in Canada, England, Ireland and Scotland. They've been very successful doing some research in the US as well. This is one of the most honest research companies I’ve worked with. If the information isn't available you’re told up front that the search will be futile. That way you’re not wasting money to have someone supposedly looking for records that don’t exist. G R U.S.A [Various]


I am glad I sought help to try to trace my family history and I am glad I used Sovereign Ancestry.

I found it exciting, frustrating and annoying.

Frustrating waiting for the next Email to arrive with some information about the family. Exciting when that information arrived. Annoying when nothing happened and the costs mounted up, but then it would have cost a lot more to travel from here in New Zealand and do the trace for ones self in Ireland!

Thanks again Duncan, cheers. GD of New Zealand. [21563]


No longer able to travel, I asked Sovereign Ancestry to try to find information about some of my ancestors who lived in an English county with which I am not familiar.

Documentary evidence was duly supplied, allowing a whole new branch to be confidently added to my family tree. This success encouraged me to ask for difficult 19th century Irish searches which are currently in progress.

I am delighted by the competence and courteous personal interest with which my requests for research have been received, and deeply grateful that Sovereign Ancestry has already disclosed previously unknown aspects of my family's history. J.B. UK [22469]


I live in the United States, which makes research in Britain and Ireland very difficult.

I was very much impressed by the work you did for me with three different areas of interest in England and Ireland. Although some of the research yielded no useful result, I was impressed by your knowledge of available resources and the thoroughness and professional approach to the various searches. And, of course, I was most grateful for the documents you were able to find and forward to me. JW USA [Various]


For excellent and accurate research into your Family History you could hardly do better than to contact Duncan Bray of SOVEREIGN ANCESTRY. Duncan and his team have been helping me for several years now, and I have an almost complete Family Tree for 7 generations.

They always seem to go the extra mile, and have often helped me with peripheral details about my family that I didn't even ask about. I've always found Sovereign Ancestry to be friendly and helpful; they really are worth checking out! D.P. GIBRALTAR [22015 & 22308]


The fact is Duncan I don’t think anyone could have done more to find proof of Josephs Birth/Baptism than you and your team. As you say in your report you have about exhausted the Parish Records, if there ever was a record it’s either hiding some place, destroyed or who knows, perhaps never existed anyway.

So I must say thank you for all your diligent researching and I have no regrets whatsoever in asking you to undertake the search, I went into it knowing full well that I might not uncover the real truth about JOSEPH. But we tried that’s the main thing. G S - Jersey C.I. [22428]


I appreciate you taking some extra time to complete the supplied commentary.

I need to say that I am very impressed with the speed and professionalism of your and Sovereign's work, which has established extra military details and a second of three marriages that we were not aware of, also led to a 133 years family reconnection (broken about 50 years ago) with family in Yorkshire. Family has previously been to Durban, South Africa, to look for the lost family, however all the male line from there had either passed away or migrated etc.

Thanks again.  If I get any requests for a good genealogist in the UK I will direct them to you.
K G Australia [22537]


I had been trying for years to research my Mother's family history and trace her line back further than the 1900s but always ended up hitting dead ends. I'm so glad I found This website as Duncan has accomplished more in just two months than I ever did in 10 years!

I have been so impressed with his professional, super efficient and friendly service, I will definitely be using Sovereign again as soon as funds permit. Duncan is always honest and upfront, and always has time to reply to queries no matter how trivial or complex they may be.

Thank you Duncan for your dedication and enthusiasm to help turn a frustrating dead end project into something really exciting that will be a wonderful Christmas present for my family. R W UK [22652]


Hi Duncan, You've done it again --pulled the rabbit from the hat !! Fantastic news, just what I was hoping for.

At least now I will have a document to prove what I was looking for. Can't thank you enough for what you have done. F L UK [22672]


Knowing only that my great grandfather came to London from Cornwall, an area which I love and now live, I was anxious to “trace my roots” but was aware that it is very easy to be misled and misguided if the job is not done professionally and thoroughly.

So I contacted Sovereign Ancestry in 2000 and had a very informative discussion with Principal and Research Director, Duncan Bray. Since then Sovereign Ancestry has been working continually on our family tree in manageable financial bites. Currently we are back to around 1580 and work is still continuing to expand the already massive family tree. One of the highlights, in 2008, was the creation by Sovereign Ancestry of a parchment-like scroll, showing the direct descendent line of our surname, which I was able to present to my three children as a Christmas gift – and which has now been added to by the addition of a first grand-child. My children, now adults, are fascinated by their heritage, and take a keen interest in the developments.

Another highlight of the project was a visit last year to a churchyard in a small Cornish village where I walked among fourteen gravestones, all of which had my surname inscribed, and all of the deceased were direct descendants from early 1600 onwards.

I have been so impressed by Sovereign Ancestry’s professionalism and knowledge and an ability to be ruthless with the truth. I have been contacted by many people recently who use genealogy websites, who really believe we are related, until I tell them the information they have is only half the story – I believe this is one of the pitfalls of not using a professional.

I would highly recommend Sovereign Ancestry, as they have provided us with a highly professional service, in affordable and agreed bites and will, I hope, continue to delve even deeper for us in the coming years. M H UK [20120]


For over 10 years Duncan and his team have given me outstanding help and advice, covering my extensive research in the British Isles, Australia and America. They have found obscure records, as well as those we all know about, that has added so much to my family's history. When my next "brick wall " is reached I'll be consulting them again. M E UK [22692]

Perfect! I found my family with Sovereign Ancestry!!!! A.C. Austria [21744]


Highly recommended. They have helped me find things out about my family I'd never even heard of. They've helped me trace my Irish ancestry to Ireland, Australia and America and I will be continuing the project in the New Year. Duncan Bray and Sovereign Ancestry will not disappoint. D. O. UK. [22559]


First class service given, very helpful pleasure to do business with, very friendly, now almost like a family member. Used a number of times these past years always given first class service. T. P. UK [22328]


I have been researching my family history for over 50 years, but am no longer able to visit archive repositories myself. In recent years I have used Duncan Bray and his team at Sovereign Ancestry for several very specific research projects, and have nothing but praise for the work and service that I have received from them. Their three key attributes that I admire are (1) depth of knowledge of all family history related subjects and sources, (2) wide geographical resources for work at archive repositories, and (3) their efficiency in dealing with correspondence. I couldn’t wish for a better research agent. P. R. UK [22364]


In 2012 Sovereign Ancestry undertook extensive genealogical research on my paternal family tree covering the period 1740 to 1870 in the Sussex/Kent area and abroad. Other family members had reached a "brick wall" which Sovereign were able to resolve with great attention to detail and using so many types of record. I could never have done it myself. Good detective work, rapid responses and detailed meticulous updated reports as progress was made. I am very pleased with their collaborative network and I learnt a lot on the journey through time! B. S. UK [22565]


Excellent service over quite few years now. My ancestry has gone back a lot further than I could have achieved myself - would always recommend Duncan and his team.

M. P. UK [21115 & others]


I have used Sovereign Ancestry for about 7 yrs. Always good results and some tricky ancestors rooted out. If the research has gone into a black hole they advise whether or not to spend any more money on the project or to cut your losses, you have control over how much money is spent and how much reseach they undertake on your behalf. Always couteous and proffessional. Good value. C. M. UK. [22178]


I had a longstanding brick wall with 2 baptisms for the same name and date. After an extensive series of possible solutions Duncan concluded there was only one person in fact. Unfortunately it was not possible to find his marriage and Duncan admitted they had found all there was to be found - and I was pleased to accept this. Sovereign achieved more than I had and I had exhausted where to go next. L. H. UK. [22676]


Duncan took on my family tree from a company who had reached a dead end. I found Duncan both analytical, diligent and professional and his lateral approach opened up new routes and led us from Ireland to Scotland. Never expected that! Would recommend him highly. S. W. [22242]


I've been using Sovereign Ancestry since 1998. Duncan Bray is an honorable person and I have nothing but praise for him and his company! When the research hits a brick wall he advises not to spend more money which is not the norm for most research companies! Also you can tell them exactly what you want to find right now, spread out the research over time and countries. I needed some research done in Poland and Duncan was able to find a long lost great uncle for me. Not way back when, just 50 years ago. But that was the end of WWII and people were disappearing into Russia. Duncan also traced my paternal family back to the 16th century and said the names and dates were too similar to find any more ancestors in Scotland. For diversity he also found a branch of my family that lived in Rhodesia and I've connected with that branch of the family in England. Duncan has certainly become a close friend over the years. G. R. USA [various]

I contacted Sovereign Ancestryfollowing an internet search with a view to obtaining assistance related to a search for documents related to my Dutch grandfather who was born in 1907. My enquiry was dealt with quickly and most professionally by Duncan Bray. It was the feedback from Sovereign Ancestry that lead to me changing the approach that I had been adopting and finally managing to obtain the valuable documents that I required. Through the course of my discussions with Duncan it became abundantly obvious to me that he had a true passion for and interest in serving the needs of his clients rather than simply generating income. I would happily recommend the services of Sovereign Ancestry. They were great! S. R. South Africa [22661]