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Population Censuses: Great Britain

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One of the most invaluable genealogical resources available are the decennial Census Returns. The information within the returns varies in both content and clarity.


The first organised Census of modern times in Great Britiain was on the 10th March 1801. Subsequent Censuses were taken on 27th May 1811, 28th May 1821 and 30th May 1831. These early Censuses are not of much use to us as they were basically numeric lists. No personal names are included, although some areas did compile lists of householders. Survival rates of these earlier Census records are generally poor.


The first genealogically important Census was that taken in 1841.


Censuses were taken on the following dates:


7th June 1841
30th March 1851
7th April 1861
2nd April 1871
3rd April 1881
5th April 1891
31st March 1901


Currently there is no public access to the 1921 Census for England and Wales.

The first census of Ireland took place in 1821.





The surviving returns for England, Scotland, Wales, The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands have all been microfilmed.


In most instances the 1851 Census has been at least Street Indexed if not Surname Indexed.


These Returns can be searched by Sovereign Ancestry and copies provided.