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Research in South & Central America


Map of South & Central AmericaWe are pleased to announce that from May 2008 we are now able to offer a comprehensive research service throughout South & Central America via our associate based in Argentina.


Research in ARGENTINA

Civil Registration began in the 1880's.

Since Argentina is a federal Country the system is decentralized, so this means that research has to be carried out locally - there are no national indexes.

The Population Censuses taken in 1869 and 1895, are both available to public inspection.

Immigration Records, are available from 1820 and are very useful, giving dates, names, ages, occupations, ports of origin and names of ships.

Others sources include:

  • Church Records
  • "Last Will and Testaments"
  • Newspapers
  • Cemetery Records


All are available for professional researchers.

Details or record availability for other Countries in Central & South America are given upon request.

We translate all documents from Spanish to English and all research reports are submitted to the client in English.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Generally how far back to Church records go?
Roman Catholic Records survive in place back to the 17th Century - some even older material is available but they are not easy to work with and take time.

2. I assume that for the most part when you refer to Church records you are talking about Roman Catholic...? Are there archives of material for the Anglican/Protestant Church or any of the other denominations at all? If so what periods are we talking about?
Yes, Anglican, Presbyterian, Evangelical, Lutheran. Most are available from the 1850`s.

3. Taxation records - are these available? If so for what periods?
No, historical records are not available. Those available are only for the last 10 years.

4. Do you generally have access to the equivalent of Registers of those entitled to Vote in Elections at all?
Yes, and this is very important because the vote is mandatory and in the case of Argentina particularly all individuals are included in the Argentinean Citizen Register.

5. Other Central & South American Countries we have colleagues based in or can access professional assistance in:
Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela are covered by our colleague based in Argentina.

We have a network of professional contacts in:
Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Honduras.

Other venues by request.

For full details of the services we can offer clients with research interests in Central & South America along with associated costs please email.

Please note that before any work can commence we have to complete a preliminary investigation to review what material you have alongside what material is extant and available to us to inspect. This stage usually takes 1-2 hours on average but gives us and the client a clear picture of what is achievable versus client research objectives.