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Sovereign Ancestry UK - Photography image 1Sovereign Ancestry are able to offer a full location photography package to all our clients.


Photographic illustrations of the places where your ancestors lived can really help to bring your family history alive.


Pictures can be obtained of the Churches where your ancestors were baptised, married and buried. In certain cases we can even obtain pictures (or postcards) showing the places in years gone by.



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Sovereign Ancestry UK - Photography image 3We can also obtain photographs of your ancestors' homes (where they survive), the places that they worked and also their gravestones.


This service is particularly useful to our overseas clients and helps to contextualise the research, adding new depth to the story and providing a fascinating link between your ancestors and the present.


As with all our services we are able to offer a package tailored to your own particular requirements throughout the UK and would be happy to discuss these with you.