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Military Personnel

The Great War 1914-1919

Sovereign Ancestry Lincolnshire - Military Personnel image 1We are able to trace most casualties of the Great War (1914-1919) and supply information (in most cases) on where and when they joined up, the regiment they belonged to and when and where they fell. In most instances we can also provide commemoration or grave site.

We can provide this from just a soldier's name but might require more detailed information on which to base our search especially where the name is a common one (Jones, Smith, Thomas etc).

A search of this database plus an A4 print out (if found) costs £2.00 incl P&P (US$5.00 plus postage). If a more thorough search is needed, especially on more common surnames, then fees are based £30.00 (US$60.00) per hour plus £2.00 for a copy incl P&P (US$5.00 plus postage) if found.

As well as the normal details of the individual most entries contain the rank and service number. From this we can do a more detailed search of surviving WW1 service records and hopefully obtain much more background information e.g. place of birth, next of kin, can often be acquired from these records making them invaluable to the family historian.



Military Service

Sovereign Ancestry Lincolnshire - Military Personnel image 2Sovereign Ancestry are able to access the numerous indexes and archives held at the Public Record Office at Kew, London relating to those who served in the Armed Forces from the 18th Century onwards.

For example, we can locate where a person fought, if they were killed in action, where they were buried and what medals were awarded.

Some service records can provide a wealth of information about the background, even the physical characteristics, of the individual.

Once a successful search has been conducted we are able (in most cases) to supply copies of the relevant documentation held. This information can be extremely useful to those researching their family history and also adds another dimension to the research.

We can provide a basic search of surviving material held at PRO Kew for the full service record of an individual (WW1 service or earlier only). Fees start at £30.00 (US$60) plus copy costs and postage.


We cannot access service records after WW1.



The following Personnel Service Records have been transferred to the National Archives at Kew (formerly the Public Record Office) and are available for us to inspect:


  • Royal Navy Officers who enlisted prior to 1914
  • Royal Navy Ratings who enlisted prior to 1924 and First World War records for Women's Royal Naval Service.
  • Royal Marine Officers and Other Ranks who enlisted before 1926
  • Army Officers and Other Ranks that enlisted prior to 1920
  • Royal Air Force Officers that served prior to 1922
  • Royal Air Force Airmen that served prior to 1924

PSRs relating to service after these dates - including World War II - are not available for public inspection and are therefore unavailable to us.




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