Charles John Noke (British)


Charles John Noke Doulton Potter

Charles John Noke

From the Royal Worcester factory in England, came the brilliant English ceramic designer Charles John Noke who was to became the senior designer and modeller for the Royal Doulton company in 1889.

The son of a well respected antique dealer, Noke was Born in Worcester, England in 1858.

Encouraged by R W Binns, the director of the Worcester Royal Porcelain company a good friend of his father, he spent hours in the modelling room of the critically acclaimed modeller James Hadley who had enjoyed great success at exhibitions in London and Vienna. it was thus inevitable, that he signed an apprenticeship with Hadley and Binns at the age of only fifteen.

In the successful career which followed, noke built up a formidable reputation in England as a skilled modeller of ornamental vases and figurines and was the inventor (in conjunction with Bernard Moore) of the famous Doulton ‘Flambe’ glazes which first appeared in 1904 as well as the ‘Chang’ ware and ‘Chinese Jade’ that is so popular among today’s collectors.But Most popular of all of Charles Noke’s work are his figurines which were to receive royal patronage from Queen Mary following a visit to the factory.

Noke was the driving force behing the HN series of figurines which represented a revival of the Staffordshire figurines of the 18th century and Once again, it was the insight of Charles Noke that prompted the widespread production of character jugs in 1934 with his "John Barleycorn"